about us

Midtogether is online educational site which imparts knowledge and skill to millions of user. Students can give online mock papers of different exams and boost their preparation.

Midtogether is a Group of Professionals, Experts, Technical Members and Teachers. we are working to provide the Best online Study Material and Practice Papers for students practice.

Midtogether is an online educational site which imparts knowledge and skill to millions of users, it will provide study material and guidance to students, and give them a platform where they can practice papers and compete with the students in all over India. We are on a mission to reshape the process of how students prepare online for competitive exams. It helps to local entrepreneur who wants to start his own coaching and want to teach students who needs assistance related to their courses, and the small and local coaching already working in market. mid together decided to walk the last mile in achieving digital accessibility in every remote corner of the country, our target is to reach to the students of a far villages where children do not have opportunity to connect with main stream, neither they have so much money nor they have guidance provider so we want to be medium for them who have capabilities and talent but don't have opportunities and resources. We work for individual student so they can read, write and study at their home, and when they want guidance or assistance Mid together will always be there to help them.

Those students who are not capable to give marginal fees, we can help them by providing them any sponsor. Right now one NGO Urmul Jyoti sansthan is sponsoring some students. and if you are the one of guy who can not afford marginal fees we can help you to get sponsorship from urmul jyoti sansthan Which is working in nokha block of bikaner district. It is working for basically four works which are Eye care activities, Good governance, adolescent girls education and other social reforms. You can read more about urmul jyoti sansthan on www.urmuljyoti.org

>Those people who are interested to sponsor any of student who want to study but can not afford can contact on 7296992390. I request people to help a student and make your part done in development of India and empowering the society.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world .